PZ0001 - Hack Proofing your networkPZ0002 - HTML5 CanvasPZ0003 - HTML5: Up and running
PZ0004 - Building Scalable Web SitesPZ0005 - Backup & RecoveryPZ0006 - Wikipedia: The missing manual
PZ0007 - The three signs of a miserable jobPZ0008 - CodermetricsPZ0009 - The Power of a Positive No
PZ0010 - Code CompletePZ0011 - Getting to YesPZ0012 - The Pragmatic Programmer
PZ0013 - jQuery RecipesPZ0014 - Building iPhone AppsPZ0015 - SQL Receptury
PZ0016 - The FOUR OBSESSIONS of an EXTRAORDINARY EXECUTIVEPZ0017 - The New BossPZ0018 - Purple Cow
PZ0019 - Agile Software DevelopmentPZ0020 - Agile Software Development with ScrumPZ0021 - Handbook of Usability Testing
PZ0022 - Agile Estimating and PlanningPZ0024 - Silos, Politics and Turf WarsPZ0025 - Advanced Web Metrics
PZ0026 - Projektowanie systemów relacyjnych baz danychPZ0027 - Getting NAKEDPZ0028 - The Five Temptations of a CEO
PZ0029 - Fumbling the futurePZ0030 - Chopin w wikipediiPZ0031 - Lean Architecture
PZ0032 - Scalable Internet ArchitecturesPZ0033 - Learning jQuery 1.3PZ0034 - jQuery Reference Guide
PZ0037 - arządzanie zasobami. Wzorce projektowePZ0038 - Domain-Specific LanguagesPZ0040 - Extreme Programming Explained
PZ0043 - Agile Project Management With ScrumPZ0044 - Continuous DeliveryPZ0046 - COACHING AGILE TEAMS
PZ0047 - Differentiate Or DiePZ0050 - Core J2EE Wzorce ProjektowePZ0052 - Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art
PZ0055 - Jak czytac sprawozdanie finansowePZ0056 - Sprawozdanie FinansowePZ0058 - Search Analytics For Your Site
PZ0059 - CSS CookbookPZ0060 - jQuery Novice to NinjaPZ0061 - Communication gaps and how to close them
PZ0062 - Selenium 2 Testing ToolsPZ0062 - Specification by ExamplePZ0070 - Zarządzanie komunikacją w organizacjach zróżnicowanych kulturowo
PZ0071 - HTML5 & CSS3 For the Real WorldPZ0072 - Starting with NOPoznan Office Library Wiki
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